We, the Washington State Patrol Memorial Foundation, are entrusted to preserve the memory of Washington State Patrol fallen officers and to provide assistance to active and retired Washington State Patrol employees and their families in times of need.



Unfortunately, telephone scams are starting up again. The recent scam calls indicate donations will be given to the Gunderson family. As a reminder, the Washington State Patrol / WSP Memorial Foundation will never call you asking for money.

Scammers are working hard to try to take advantage of your good heart. Never provide personal or financial information to someone over the phone.


Secure ways to make donations to the WSPMF:

1 - Using Venmo, donations can be sent to @WSP-MemorialFoundation.

2 – Go into any Chase Bank Branch and make a check deposit into the “Washington State Patrol Memorial Foundation” account.

3 – Using your own bank, you can log in online or through your mobile app and make a donation using Zelle. Donations can be sent to our WSPMF number, 360-597-4411, or email, wspmemorialfoundation@gmail.com There are no fees with using Zelle.

4 – You can mail a check made out to WSPMF to:


PO Box 901

Prosser, WA 99350

If you would like to make donations to the Gunderson family, please indicate that on your donation. 100% of the donations received in their name will be given directly to the family.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please contact Megan King at wspmemorialfoundation@gmail.com.

The Washington State Patrol Memorial Foundation (WSPMF) was created in 1982.  Over the last 40 years, the $2.50/paycheck donation to be a contributing member has never changed.  During that time we have provided more than 2 million dollars in financial assistance to Washington State Patrol employees and their families. 


Beginning January 1st, 2022, we are raising the minimum contribution to $5/paycheck.  This increase will also help us with continuing our annual scholarship awards, continuing to assist our employees and their families and will allow us to continue to grow.  


By being a contributing member, you are able to attend our board meetings, participate in our annual executive board elections and you can reach out to us for assistance in a time of need.  You, your spouse and your children are also able to apply for our annual scholarship program.  The WSPMF provided 5 new scholarships and 9 renewable scholarships to families of the Washington State Patrol in the last fiscal year.  Our scholarship assistance this year totals $18,000.00 and we were able to help 22 individuals with their school expenses.


You can complete the Deduction Form located on the Donations tab to update your donation.  If you have questions on what you currently donate, please contact our Executive Director Megan King at wspmemorialfoundation@gmail.com.  Your completed form can be sent directly to Payroll@wsp.wa.gov or you can return it to Megan to submit for you.


We appreciate your continued support. 

Darren Wright

WSPMF President

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