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2023 WSPMF Scholarship Program

The Washington State Patrol Memorial Foundation (WSPMF) Scholarship Program is offering five renewable $1,000 scholarships per year (maximum of four years) to be used for tuition, fees or books. 


Who May Apply:

·        Any contributing member* of the WSPMF who is on active, retired or disability status with the Washington State Patrol, their spouse or their dependent children.

·        Any surviving dependent of a WSP employee who was active, disabled or retired at the time of their death and who was a contributing member of the WSPMF.  A surviving dependent is defined as the living spouse who was married to the decedent at the time of his/her death, and the decedent was active, disabled or retired, at the time of his/her death; surviving children is defined as a natural child(ren), stepchild(ren) or adopted child(ren) of decedent as defined above.


Awardees must be pursuing a university/college degree or vocational certification as an enrolled student.  A dependent child must be at least a senior in high school to apply.  Please see application packet for full details.

Applications will be screened by a non-departmental scholarship committee.  They will be evaluated by the following criteria:             

                                                            70% Financial Need/Essay
                                                           30% Answers to the Questionnaire

Deadline:  Completed applications must be received by the Memorial Foundation by April 7, 2023, by 5:00 p.m., to be considered.  Applications are available at the following locations:

District Secretaries
Tawni Andrews – Academy
Megan King – Memorial Foundation

Completed applications can be submitted through email to or mailed to the foundation at:


P.O. Box 901

Prosser, WA 99350

If you have any questions, please contact Megan King at (360) 597-4411 or

* The contributing member deduction was increased to $5/paycheck on January 1, 2022.  You may submit an updated deduction form in order to continue to qualify as a contributing member. 

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