Detective Brent Hanger

Detective Brent Hanger died on August 6, 2015, at the age of 47.  He suffered a heart attack while following up on a tip regarding a marijuana grow in Yakima County.  At the time of his death, Detective Hanger had served almost 17 years with the Washington State Patrol.

Detective Hanger's wife, Lisa, lives in Mount Vernon.  She recently moved to a new home, is working on house projects and taking care of her mother.  Lisa loves spending time with her six children and their dog, Red.

Emily graduated from WWU and is a Trooper, assigned to Burlington.

Erin graduated from WWU with a major in history and a minor in Latin.  She hopes to travel to Ireland to work on her master’s degree.

Kailey will be a senior at the University of Washington this fall and is working on her biology degree.  She may go pre-med.  Kailey is in the Phi Mu sorority.

Erik will be a sophomore at WWU this coming year.  He has been busy working at a carwash.  Erik enjoys playing the tenor sax.

Kyle will a senior in high school.  He is playing football and trying to decide where to go to college.

Kevin will be a sophomore this fall, and continues to take private drum and guitar lessons.

Brent Hanger's mother, Barbara, passed away earlier this year, in February.  Brent’s siblings, Marcia, Julie and Mark, all live in Mt Vernon.  His step-mom, Linda and step-sister, Jessica, live in Burlington.

Please take a moment to remember Detective Brent Hanger and his family.

Washington State Patrol Detective Brent Hanger 
End of Watch – August 6, 2015 
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